Sunday, February 6, 2011

Artizan release date and tracklist

Artizan, U.S. melodic metal act, hailing from Jacksonville, Florida, was formed by original members of  Leviathan, and released its self-titled debut EP in late 2009.
Artizan announced the April 29th 2011 as the release date for their forthcoming full-length debut, "Curse Of The Artizan", via the German label Pure Steel Records. The CD was recorded with producer Jim Morris, who has previously worked with Iced Earth, Death and Jag Panzer, among many others.

The track listing for the forthcoming album is as follows:
1). Curse Of The Artizan
2). Rise
3). Trade The World
4). Game Within A Game
5). The Man In Black
6). Fire
7). Fading Story

The album's title track, "Curse Of The Artizan", duration is close to ten minutes and will reveal the story of who exactly the "Artizan" is. 
"Rise" + Game Within A Game" + "Fire" was the tracks of the above mentioned self titled EP

Artizan is:
Tom Braden - Vocals
Ty Tammeus - Drums
Shamus McConney - Rhythm Guitar
Hermanus J. Rombouts - Rhythm & Lead Guitar
Jonathan Jennings Jr. - Bass

Fantasy artist Marc Sasso (Dio, Halford) is creating the artwork for the CD, which will feature the Artizan character and other elements which are integral to the storyline of "Curse Of The Artizan".

Commented Artizan founder / drummer Ty Tammeus: "Marc has outdone himself with this project. The characters he has created and the level of detail applied are beyond what I envisioned. I wanted to establish unique, identifiable characters relating to the ARTIZAN concept that are captivating to the viewer. Marc has achieved that for us. The artwork is just plain bad-ass !" The final artwork will be revealed in the coming weeks.
Ty Tammeus will be at this year's Keep it True 2011 festival to promote the band's CD release. The annual event will be held April 29-30 at Tauberfrankenhalle in Lauda-Königshofen, Germany.

Check out two of the Artizan's studio clips taken from their YouTube page.

Audio samples are available for streaming on the band's Facebook page and their MySpace page. For more information about the band, visit Artizan official web page.


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