Friday, December 10, 2010

CORONATUS to release new album in 2011

Coronatus to release new album in 2011

Some time ago
Coronatus announced that their line-up is complete again. The band is already working on a new album, which will be released in autumn 2011! In summer 2011 Coronatus will enter StudioE/Klangschmiede of producer Markus Stock to record the new material!
Coronatus also in cooperation with Newcomer Radio Germany, they worked out a concept for a monthly Coronatus radio show, which will be streamed on the web on Dec 14th for the first time.
Each 2nd Tuesday in the month, they will bring us "Coronatus rocks", a two hour air play with songs from all
Coronatus releases, interviews with band members, insider information, new song material, and exclusive interviews on the band activities.
Plus, they will bring us the most interesting and legendary songs from various gothic, symphonic, and female fronted metal bands.
So look forward to two thrilling hours of
Coronatus experience!
The first show starts on Dec 14th, at 22:00 German time.

Newcomer Radio Germany is worldwide available as live stream
from here.

new rock voice: Mareike Makosch
new soprano: Natalia Kempin
 Visit Coronatus on their official web-page.


Raquel Glass said...

Natalia left :/

Quietus said...

Oh pity, thanks for the heads up. They are scheduled to play support for Haggard (another great band) at their tour on Germany during March - April and they will have Viola Schuch (from their album Lux Noctis) as soprano on stage.
I hope they find a replacement soon.

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