Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Eumeria and MindFlow two favourites from 2011!

Eumeria and MindFlow have both released their newest CDs in 2011.

MindFlow form Brazil released "With Bare Hands" on the 15th of February 2011.

"If you’re expecting cool samba rhythms and sexy Latin sounds just because this band is from Brazil forget it. MindFlow is a blistering hardcore band whose music comes at you like a force. For the past 6 years, the band has systematically set their career on its path through endless touring throughout their home territories in South America, releasing two self-produced powerful albums, developing and utilizing the grass roots street team mentality to promote themselves and their music and now, finally, capturing the attention of the international music industry. Appearances at music festivals in the U.S., Europe and Southeast Asia have started to build the band the same sort of loyal following from music fans all over the world, as they already enjoy in South America. Now is their time to go after the success that this talented, smart, hard-working foursome so obviously deserve. "

Check out "Break Me Out" from "With Bare Hands" album:

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You can order MindFlow CDs directly from Nightmare Records. Keep Flowing!

Eumeria have self-released "Rebel Mind" on the 28th of June 2011. Taken from the official site of Eumeria:
"Eumeria is an international metal band, formed in 2009. Combining influences from the world of metal with music from further afield, Eumeria is known for songs that can be both heavy and aggressive in places yet equally intimate and reflective. Eumeria is formed of Texas based keyboardist Bobby Williamson (formerly of Outworld and Thought Chamber) as well as talent from both sides of the Atlantic including British musicians Jonny Tatum (Vocals), Reece Fullwood (Guitars) and drummer Kevin Bartlett. The band's line up is completed by Bobby's former Outworld band-mate Shawn Kascak on bass guitar. 2011 will see the unveiling of Debut album 'Rebel Mind' (mixed & mastered by Jacob Hansen) - the band is currently in negotiations with labels and is eager to see the official release of the album, supported by a tour in the near future."

Listen to "Rebel Mind" from the same titled CD:

You can order their CD from CMDistro or from Nightmare Records.
Both are excellent releases! Visit their web page for free sample and more!


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