Saturday, February 4, 2012

Tarja Turunen Live In Athens 2012

Tarja Turunen Live In Athens
Sunday the 29th of January 2012
Fuzz Live Music Club, Tavros, Athens, Greece

1. Anteroom of Death
2. Lost Northern Star
3. Falling Awake
4. I Walk Alone
5. Dark Star
6. Drum Solo
7. Little Lies (band)
8. Little Lies
9. Into the Sun
10. Bless the Child (Nightwish cover)
11. Rivers of Lust / Minor Heaven / Monta├▒as de Silencio / Sing for Me
12. I Feel Immortal
13. Never Enough
14. In for a Kill
15. Where Were You Last Night / Heaven Is a Place on Earth / Living on a Prayer
16. Die Alive
17. Until My Last Breath

You can watch the ENTIRE live performance of Tarja from the following video on YouTube on HD quality! 90 minutes live video, thanks to alterego2910, who recorded and uploaded.

A few photos from the show by me:


I am I said...

A friend of mine was on a her concert in Warsaw - had only positive comments, especially on a Tarja herself and a drummer solo :)

PS. My other colleague - prophotographer was on a concert too :)

Quietus said...

Thanks for the links!
The photos are great especially the ones from the colleague - photographer :-)

Tarja is getting better and better. I enjoyed this concert much more than her previous one two and a half years ago. She is full of energy and communicating great with the audience. Her voice is in perfect shape (but that is the obvious I suppose!).

From the couple of times I met her, she is very professional, has great patience with the fans, and a very warm and nice person.

Mike, the drummer, is a bit of a crazy guy, even on stage. He really seems to enjoy every bit of the show.

I have only positive comments like your friend did ;-)

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