Monday, May 17, 2010

Carmen R. Lorch left Coronatus

Carmen R. Lorch (ex Schäfer) left Coronatus,
due to being pregnant for her second child, which is supposed to be born in November.

In addition to the non-existence of a second vocalist at the moment Coronatus had to cancel all further gigs already booked.

This is her farewell letter for the fans: 

"My dear fans,

I have to announce today that I have left my beloved band Coronatus. This decision has not nearly been easy for me.

As many of you might know, I am mother of a wonderful little daughter. Now the date to leave Coronatus was fixed by my second child, which is supposed to be born in November: Because of my current afflictions caused by the pregnancy - in addition to the non-existence of a second singer at the moment - we consequently had to cancel all further gigs already booked (May and June 2010) and therefore there will foreseeable not be any further Coronatus concerts with me.

Several months I have been trying to get an idea how I can stay a part of Coronatus with two children in the future. Unfortunately, the answer is very disillusioning - at least as long as it is not nearly possible to live from an even quite successful band like Coronatus. I know that up to now some of you had thought that we could earn enough money from the band to make a living. But this is not the case. So the result is, unfortunately, that there will be no place for Coronatus in my life next to family and work, and so eventually I have taken this hard decision.

For fifteen years I have been an e-guitarrist and singer in numerous bands - now for the first time I do not have any band anymore. Five and a half years as singer, co-songwriter and co-manager of Coronatus have come to an end for me. I leave full of gratitude to our record label Massacre Records, as well as all committed concert organisers / bookers and fair music journalists. And ultimately I leave full of gratitude to you, my fans, all the ones who have bought our cds and hereby made a major contribution to the fact that we could record and publish our music on a total of three cds!

Carmen R. Lorch (ex Schäfer)"

More details and Carmen's farewell letter at the official Coronatus site :


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