Friday, July 16, 2010

Mekong Delta released new album

Mekong Delta released their 10th album
"Wanderer on the Edge of Time" on 11th of June 2010.

I just learned about the release of the new album yesterday so I don't have it and I have not listened to it, definitely  the next one I am ordering.

You can order it directly from Mekong Online Merchandising

Listen to a snippet from the entire album from here which is build up like this:

Fade-in at the last tones of 'Intro - Concert Guitar'
Straight through 'Ouverture'
Followed by 'A Certain Fool (Le Fou) // Movement 1'
Finishing with 'Interlude 1 - Group'
and fade-out after 10 bars into 'The 5th Element (Le Bateleur) // Movement 2'

A teaser video announcing the the album release:

1.   Intro - Concert Guitar
2.   Ouverture
3.   "A certain fool" (Le Fou) // Movement 1
4.   Interlude 1 - Group
5.   "The 5th element" (Le Bateleur) // Movement 2
6.   Interlude 2 - Group
7.   "The Apocalypt - World in shards" (La Maison Dieu // Movement 3
8.   Interlude 3 - Concert Guitar
9.   "King with broken crown" (Le Diable) // Movement 4
10. Intermezzo (instrumental) // Movement 5
11. Interlude 4 - Group
12. "Affection" (L'Amoureux) // Movement 6
13. Interlude 5 - Group
14. "Mistaken truth" (Le Hérétique) // Movement 7
15. Finale

Mekong Delta current line-up:
Martin Lemar - Vocals
Benedikt Zimniak - Guitars
Erik Adam H - Guitars
Ralph Hubert - Bass
Alex Landenburg - Drums

The artwork of the new album was created by Eliran Kantor (TESTAMENT, SIGH, GWAR, ANACRUSIS)

For more info and latest news visit Mekong Delta's official web page


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