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Bare Infinity / Before The Dawn Live

Bare Infinity / Before The Dawn Live. Sunday 26 September 2009 20:00. Dada Cafe Bar, Athens, Greece

The organization of this live was probably the poorest I have ever seen.
The live was supposed to start at 20:30 and there was enough people outside from 20:00. Which was probably the initial time announced and later changed to 20:30. The doors opened after 21:30, during this hour we could hear the bands doing sound check inside, and actually see the members of the bands going in and out of the venue. A few people even left before the doors opened I suppose frustrated from the long wait.

Dada bar is a small bar, thus making a "warm atmosphere". You could really be "beside" the band members while they were performing on stage. The sound was kind of horrible to be honest, but I did not have any high expectation about that anyway, since even big venues in Greece don't always have great sound. I could say it was exactly what I had expected, small making you feel like being with "friends" but giving the sense of  "amateurish" on the other hand. At least they had great vodka though !

The live actually started after 22:00 while the opening act In Vein did their sound check while the audience was already inside the venue. I was too tired already from the long wait, I had a hard working Sunday on top of this , and I did not really pay any attention to them playing. They sounded like a typical "gothic metal" band, and they reminded a bit of Sister of Mercy I think, and Him probably. I am not into that "type of music" so I cannot say much.

And it was the time for Bare Infinity to come on stage. The people were enthusiastic already, it was obvious many fans were present. They started with a few "technical problems" too. The sound was equally awful sadly, I could not hear the keyboards at all, and I tried really hard to hear Angel's voice. Tomas' guitar sounded really bad too. At least I could clearly hear the drums bass and the grunts / harsh vocals.
But I really enjoyed it though ! I was looking forward for this live a long time since it was announced and all the bad organization could not ruin it for me.
They played a lot of their new songs from their forthcoming EP.  They sound really good and a bit "different" than their previous work, a bit more "complex" I could say, although the bad sound quality did not allow me to listen to them. They played a few of their old ones from their full length LP, and especially on their "hit" "Always Forever" the crowd went nuts.
They finished up around 23:45, leaving their fans wanting for more.
Sadly it was too late for me already, I could not stay awake any more and I had to leave and did not had the chance to watch and listen to Before the Dawn, which I was looking forward too since I had never listen anything from them. So the night was over for me.

Just a few photos from the live below. Not that good, but since I was already too tired I preferred to sit on the bar, and get a few drinks,  instead of going in front standing while being closer to the band.
Also on the audio part (or from here) there is Bare Infinity's performance, you can listen to the new songs and get an idea of what it is coming for you with the upcoming EP. No video from me this time BUT you can check out nightarchie's channel on YouTube, he has five videos from yesterday's performance !

Bare InfinityBare InfinityBare InfinityBare InfinityBare InfinityBare InfinityBare Infinity

Bare Infinity

Bare Infinity

Bare Infinity


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