Sunday, November 6, 2011

Oceans of Night, 2nd CD, "DOMAIN", pre-order

DOMAIN is the second CD release from progressive metal band, Oceans of Night,
and consists of multi-instrumentalist (guitar, keyboards, bass) Scott Mosher, powerhouse vocalist Scott Oliva (Live After Death, The Nightmare Stage, Inner Strength) and the Talented Mr. Smithee (drums and percussion). Mixed and mastered by Joey Vera (Fates Warning, Armored Saint, Engine) DOMAIN features a refined focus on the staples of the Oceans of Night sound: soaring vocal melodies, evocative guitar solos, sophisticated rhythm structures, and dynamic song arrangements wrapped in a tapestry of percolating ambience. Epic and cutting edge, this is music that makes a bold and powerful statement.  You can pre-order the CD here.


I am I said...

Like the production very much (Joey Vera is da Vinci of our times!). The vocals (mid range!) are also nice, but overall it's not the kind of music I'd buy. Nice, nevertheless.

Quietus said...

Probably you have already discovered this, but on the discography page, from the link below, you can download for FREE all the previous releases from Mr. Scott Mosher and Oceans of Night.

I like a lot their first CD "The Shadowheart Mirror", I have not listened to "Domain" yet, beside the 2 tracks that has being official released from the band at YouTube, and those two sound really great.

I am looking forward to get "Domain" in my hands and listen to it. Hopefully in a couple of weeks :-)

Virtual Scott said...

Howdy folks, just a quick heads up (especially you, Quietus! ;-))

Oceans of Night CD's are available at: -

The Oceans of Night website:


Virtual Scott said...

We're already working on music for the next one, possibly due out late 2012.

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