Saturday, October 15, 2011

Oceans of Night, finish work on their 2nd CD, "DOMAIN"

Ambient Progressive Metal Band, Oceans of Night, finish work on their 2nd CD, " DOMAIN".
"DOMAIN" is the second CD release from progressive metal band, Oceans of Night. Mixed and mastered by Joey Vera (Fates Warning, Armored Saint, Engine) Domain features a refined focus on the staples of the Oceans of Night sound: soaring vocal melodies, evocative guitar solos, sophisticated rhythm structures, and dynamic song arrangements wrapped in a tapestry of percolating ambience. Epic and cutting edge, this is music that makes a bold and powerful statement.

Track Listing for "Domain" (to be released in November 2011) is as follows:

1. Domain: 17:39
2. Don't Look to Me: 5:10
3. So Near Yet So Far: 5:28
4. Dreams in Artificial Sunlight: 3:32
5. Divisions of Time: 5:17
6. Seven Days of Rain: 6:12
7. The View to You: 8:28
8. Instruments of Fear: 4:14
9. The Future Remembered: 4:20
10. Ghosts of the Past: 4:25

Rising from the ashes of the eponymous solo band lead by musical mastermind Scott Mosher, from 1996 through 2004, Oceans of Night also features vocal powerhouse Scott Oliva and the drum mastery of the mysterious Alan Smithee. Oceans of Night released their crushing debut CD, "The Shadowheart Mirror", in 2009.

Through the course of 6 CD's, multi-instrumentalist Scott Mosher has bridged the worlds of progressive metal, melodic hard rock and ambient sounds to create an experimental yet complimentary style of music that is at once as subtle as it is powerful, aggressive as it is dynamic and timeless as it is modern. Scott Oliva continues to perform in legendary NY Iron Maiden tribute band, Live After Death and The Nightmare Stage. He has also written, performed and recorded with Wind Wraith and Inner Strength. The Scott's had first worked together on Mr. Mosher's 4th CD release, Deep Horizon, in 2006.

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UPDATE 17/10/2011: Today Oceans Of Night released a full song for your pleasure! You can listen to or download it FOR FREE from here enjoy the music!


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